Photovoltaic carports

Helexia offers customised solutions for the installation of photovoltaic carports intended for building owners. (private and collective owners)

Photovoltaic carports: what are the advantages?

The advantages as a new construction, renovation or site extension:

  • COMFORT FOR USERS– Vehicles are protected from the sun and inclement weather.
  • ENHANCEMENT – Enhancement of the building’s assets without basic investment.
  • ADDITIONAL REVENUE – The owner of the building benefits from an annual rent under certain conditions.
  • FREE ENERGY –The owner of the building benefits from an energy production unit thanks to the retrocession of the power plant at the end of the lease.
  • COMMUNICATION – Environmental communication with clientele and employees.
  • ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT – Provides green energy with no CO2 emissions.
  • CERTIFICATION – Obtain “bonus points” in the framework of building energy certification (HQE, THQE, BEPOS, BREEAM, etc.).
  • ANTICIPATION AND ACQUISITION OF NEW CLIENTELE – Setting up recharge terminals for electric vehicles.

Photovoltaic carports : What types of car parks ?

  • Hypermarket car parks
  • Car parks for exhibitors or exhibit visitors
  • Public car parks
  • Company car parks (for employees and customers)
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