Helexia, energy for large buildings.

An enthusiast in environmental and energy challenges, Nicolas Mayaud spent 12 years in the industry at BSN Glasspacket Saint GobainWeber. At the beginning of 2010, he founded Helexia with Benjamin Simonis, a business lawyer for seven years with CMS and an INSEAD graduate.

With the support of strong shareholding that has a long-term view, the company forged a name for itself and is already operating 130 photovoltaic power plants with a total power of 36 MWc and is enjoying fast development in France, Italy and Belgium.

Our conviction: Energy, a major challenge for the 21st century.

Faced with the corollary increase in the price of conventional forms of energy, the change in the energy production model and the appearance of demanding thermal regulations, Helexia has developed innovative and integrated energy efficiency solutions and in particular photovoltaic covering for large commercial, industrial, tertiary, logistics platform buildings and carports.