Company energy audit

Helexia has a company Energy Audit offer which is a key step for any organisation or company that is initiating efforts in controlling energy. The data collected by a partner auditor of Helexia makes it possible to identify the potential energy savings in a building and to offer solutions to improve the energy efficiency.

Company energy audit: What are the advantages ?

  • ENERGY SAVINGS – Reduction in the building’s energy expenditures without basic investment.
  • ENHANCEMENT – setting up energy efficiency solutions allows you to enhance a building’s “green” value.
  • COMPETITIVENESS – By reducing its energy expenditures, the company optimises its competitiveness in its market.
  • COMMUNICATION – Environmental communication with clientèle and employees.

Company energy audit in five main steps.

  1. Diagnostic of the building’s energy expenditures.
  2. Data analysis – Technical, financial and legal study.
  3. Proposal of innovative energy efficiency solutions.
  4. Definition of priorities and implementation of solutions.
  5. Monitoring and management of energy output.
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